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BetterWorld. Sep 21, 2014 - Blender3D.

Many years ago, in a land far, far away from here ...

Mmm ... wrong time, wrong place....
Let's try that again ...

Many years ago, I discovered Blender, a free, open source 3D animation suite.
I can't recall the exact version number I started with, but I remember it looking very complicated, with a long ribbon of grey / green menu buttons at the very bottom of the screen.
And I remember you had to change ... things ... in many different places to get stuff working. Something like this (found on a Blender wiki page), eg. for creating a textured material :

Blender early version menu structure.

Ah ... fond memories of days gone by ...

I'm now on version 2.68. Gone are the green menu buttons, and the bottom ribbon has been moved to the right. But that is just the default look. The Blender interface is fully customizable, so I guess you could make Blender 2.68 look like Blender 2.3-ish.
If for some reason you would want to do such a thing, that is.

Blender look for version 2.68.

Some time ago, a new renderer (called 'Cycles') was introduced into Blender. So, rather than creating textured materials like this ...

Blender 2.6+ materials menu Blender 2.68 textures menu
Blender : Textured materials 'the old way'.

... you now have to perform some magic like this :

Blender Cycles
Blender : Textured materials 'the new way' (cycles).

So yeah. I guess I'll just put that on my (rather long) TODO list then ...