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BetterWorld. Jan 05, 2015 - The End.

Well. I finally finished 'BetterWorld'.
I'm pretty happy with how this tiny (yes) point&click game turned out, but it has been a long and painful road.

There are a couple of reasons this game took me so long to finish :

  • Life
    Life has been pretty busy these past couple of months. It happens.
  • 'Finding Fifi'
    I have started working on another point&click game using FlashPunk. I think I have about 60% of the code done, and I have rough versions of a fair number of the images.
    The game will not be out for quite some time though, because : (a) In my experience, finishing the last 10% of a game (testing & debugging, tweaking, polishing) takes about as long as everything that came before. (b) I really want to get started with the C4 Engine (but more on that later).
  • Unity3D
    I can now say with absolute certainty that Unity is not really my cup of tea.
    We just do not think alike. At all.

So, without further ado, here are some screenshots ...

Startscreen of BetterWorld. Dragonfly from BetterWorld. Sparcles from BetterWorld. Dancers from BetterWorld. Endscreen of BetterWorld.

And as usual, you can try out the game for yourself.
See if you can spot the reference to a whimsical 2D point&click game created by Bart Bonte ...