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Random Ramblings Aug 03, 2016 - 'Colorcube', by Next Apps.

These past few weeks, I have been playing a game called 'Colorcube' on my iPad. If you don't know what I'm talking about :

The beginning. The end.
Colorcube : From beginning to end ...

Colorcube is a puzzle game with a very simple goal : recreate the image you see on top of the screen. The kicker is : you have to match both shape AND color ! Sort of like 'Tangram Squared', if you know what I mean (= NOT easy !).

colorcube : almost ! colorcube : blending colors
Left : Almost ! - Right : And this is how the colors work ...

It took me a while before I fully understood how to play the game, but once I did ... it became very difficult to put the game away. It is addictive !

The Good :

  • I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone that loves puzzles !
    It is a lot of fun (in a Zen kind of way).
  • The interface is clean and intuitive. The rules of the game are simple.
  • Finally solving an elusive puzzle translates into immense feelings of satisfaction.

The Bad : Well, obviously not 'bad' (I give this game a 10/10), but rather some thoughts I had about the game.

  • I would have loved a 'reset' button. Especially towards the end of the game, it becomes rather cumbersome to deselect each and every puzzle piece when you're stuck and you need to try a different combination.
  • When you're stuck, you're stuck. No hints.
    (Unless you ask for a hint (no, not the solution !) on Twitter, which I had to do once for a puzzle that I had been stuck on for a week ... )
Stuck on puzzle XXX. Stuck on puzzle XXX. Stuck on puzzle XXX.
Stuck. Stucker. Stuckest. ... Aargh !!!

So. Go buy the game !!!