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Random Ramblings Mar 17, 2018 - Update.

If you have been coming to this blog looking for game development related postings, you will have noticed that not much has been happening on my site.

Frank Sinatra : 'It was a very good year.'

Unfortunately, the past year hasn't been a very good year for me (*).
I haven't been able to go back to work since I was first diagnosed with burnout and depression, in May 2017.

Things aren't looking as bleak anymore as they did back then, but more and more often doubt is starting to get to me.

I hate not being able to sleep. I hate having no energy. And I hate not being able to think properly, or do stuff.
What if this never goes away again ?


(*) The title of a Frank Sinatra song keeps popping into my head ... 'It was a very good year.'
Oh irony.