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Reaching for the Stars. Nov 08, 2014 - FlashPunk : the game ...

Well ...
I have almost finished 'Reaching for the Stars'. And I like the result so far.

'Reaching for the Stars' - Summer 'Reaching for the Stars' - Summer 'Reaching for the Stars' - Winter
Reaching for the Stars (FlashPunk) : Summer & Winter.

It is a lot of programming, compared to what I did in Unity.
But somehow, I feel more at ease with FlashPunk (I know : FlashPunk & Unity are 2 very different beasts ...).

I think that if I open my FlashPunk project again, some months from now, I will still be able to understand what I did, and how stuff works.
With my Unity project : a whole different story !
Unity takes care of so many things for you, that I sometimes find it very hard to make things work the way I want them to work ...

FlashPunk is not perfect. But I like it ; it suits me.
The forum doesn't seem to have a lot of traffic, but I asked two questions, and both times I got a good answer within a day. You can't have it much better than that !

So ... What do I still need to do for my current project ?
Well, I need to figure out how to embed the compiled project in html pages (no resizing allowed), how to convert my swf-file into a standalone project, and how to optimize the build (file size).
Once that's taken care of, I will probably make the game available online ...

End conclusion : I feel comfortable using FlashPunk. I will definitely look into combining it with some 2D-physics library. I will also look into 3D libraries for Flash ...
All I really need right now, is a whole lot of ... TIME ...