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Snake Island March 26, 2017 - Snake Island : Take 2.


Another dead end.

I spent quite a bit of time creating rocks and caves, trees and plants and creatures for the game ... But I didn't feel happy with the result. It just didn't come together for me ...

So ... Surprise, surprise. I stopped working on the game and did some other stuff, all the while lamenting my lack of skills.

And then of course : self-doubt.
"Maybe I'm just not cut out for this ?
Maybe I started too late in life to ever become any good at this ?
Maybe I'm just not smart enough ?"
"Maybe I should just give up !"

It would be so much easier to stop trying.
No more stressing and obsessing ...

But the trouble is, I actually enjoy the feeling I have when I'm tinkering with code that might, one day, magically turn into a game ...



Armageddon 2419 A.D. - The adventures of Buck Rogers in the 25th century. A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly got an idea for "Snake Island", after reading 'Armageddon 2419 A.D.'.

'Armageddon' is the original story of Buck Rogers (still called 'Anthony' Rogers) & Colonel Wilma Deering.
Even though the story feels very dated (it was written somewhere in the 1920's), it gave me an idea of how I could continue with Snake Island.

I'm going to make it a side-scrolling adventure game with dialogue. I want the style to be a mix of the mid-20th century books and the 1980's sci-fi tv series that I grew up with. I want the story to be about a 'ruggedly handsome hero with a heart of gold'. =)

I'm thinking the 'art' might be way out of my league (well, 'will be'), but I'll give it my best and see where I get.
I've also never used dialogue in a game, so ...

At this point, I have a general idea of the plot of the game. I've also set up some bits and pieces of the game structure in code.