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Snake Island May 02, 2017 - Editor v3.

I managed to add some basic (and clumsy) functionality to my editor, so that I can now add sprites to a zoomed-in view.

Stuff that works :
I can set and change the scale and rotation. I can delete sprites from the view. The sprite position can be changed by dragging it around with the mouse. There is basic input validation. And I can save everything to Json.

Adding sprites to a view ...

Stuff that doesn't work yet :
The idea is, to use the 'type' and 'var' fields for linking the sprite to some sort of in-game functionality (is it interactive, is it visible initially, ...).
I'm not sure yet how I'm going to implement z-index sorting for sprites. Maybe I should try to do something with the ordering of the list items in the editor ... ?

It is also rather inconvenient that I haven't figured out yet how to create a dropdown list (eg. with one of the Haxe libraries that are available). At this point, I still have to type in all image names manually.

Next on the todo list : create a couple of different object types (static/non-interactive, clickable, ...) to test in the editor, and, figure out how this will all work in the game itself.